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My Awards Page 5

My 46'th Award
Received on 12/21/99

Thank you so much Susan,
I display it with honor!
Your story of your own child abuse
should help others that read
it have strength to get help.

My 47'th Award
Received on 2/17/00

My 48'th Award
Received on 2/17/00

My 49'th Award
Received on 2/17/00

Thank you so much Hal,
I cherish these and wish for everyone
to visit your site. It was a special
visit for me and I will keep you in my
prayers for happiness can be yours again.

My 50'th Award
Received on 2/21/00

Thank you so much Niki,
I am so proud to display my 50th award
and it being such a lovely one at that.
Thank you sooooo much!

My 51'st Award
Received on 2/21/00

Thank you for these lovely eyes
for they are really a remembering time
for me when I once
comunicated to Lisle
only through email.
Thanks again

My 52'nd Award
Received on 09-07-00

Thank you so much!

My 53'rd Award
Received on 10-04-00

Thank you so much Debbie!

My 54'th Award
Received on 10-08-00

All my love and thanks
to the most wonderful man
in the world, and my
sweetheart for life.

My 55'th Award
Received on 12-24-00

Thank you so much Mychell
This is special for my love page!

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