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My Awards Page 4

My 35'th Award
Received on 9/2/99

Thank you very much Velma. It is a great award.

My 36'th Award
Received on 9/3/99

Thank you very much VodkaSunRise. It is a real honor.

My 37'th Award
Received on 9/14/99

Thank you very much Marsha. I am honored to display your award!

My 38'th Award
Received on 9/24/99

Thank you Velma. Your a dear sweet girl, I love your award!

My 39'th Award
Received on 10/11/99

Thank you Lisle. This means the world to me.
Your the love of my life!
I love you with all my heart
My Prince.......My Life!

My 40'th Award
Received on 10/13/99

Thank you again Lisle.
Our love for the earth and animals
will always be something that we share!

My 41'st Award
Received on 10/14/99

Thank you Robin, I really love this award,
I am honored to display it.

My 42'nd Award
Received on 12/11/99

Thank you Sharon Rose,
what a nice surprise!
I really love it.

My 43'rd Award
Received on 12/14/99

Thank you Niki,
It honors me to know
that I touched your heart
with my Mothers page!
How nice to recieve this award.

My 44'th Award
Received on 12/14/99

Thank you Janet,
I just love the wild cats.
This award is awesome!

My 45'th Award
Received on 12/21/99

Thank you Bill,
This award means alot to me and
has made my Christmas.
Honored and proud to display it
doesn't say enough!!!!

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