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My Awards Page 3

My 27'th Award
Recieved on 7-29-99

Thank you Nance, this means so much to me. I am honored to the highest. Your pages are the best. A wonderful award for the top of this page I may add as well.

My 28'th Award
Recieved on 8-3-99

Thank you so much Ellie, I am truely honored to receive this and to be the first one is even more special. Meow to you sweet kitty!

My 29'th Award
Recieved on 8-6-99

Thank you so much for this my good friend Nelly. I waited a long time for this and I am so glad it this day finally came. It means so much to me because I know you and I feel the same way about stoping hate. I display this proudly and on my stop hate page too.

My 30'th Award
Received on 8/8/99

Thank you Ronny, I am very proud to accept this. Your really doing a great job.

My 31'st Award
Received on 8/8/99

Thank you Nikki, you are a dear and sweet girl. I am proud of you and honored to accept this.

My 32'nd Award
Received on 8/9/99

Thank you Carolyn, this is a beautiful award. I display it proudly.

My 33'rd Award
Received on 8/21/99

Thank you Barb. It is a honor.

My 34'th Award
Received on 8/24/99

Thank you Robin. It is a honor to be the first one to receieve this award.

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