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My Awards Page 2

My 13'th Award

Recieved on 6-3-99

I just came from you site. I loved your homepage. I would be honored If you would accept my award.
Thank you so much Starman, this award is wonderful. I am honored.

My 14'th Award

Recieved on 6-12-99

~LOL~ Brenda, l give you my award for your page, you deserve it:))

Mike, we both know the LOL is for the subtle way I begged for this award. Thank you so much. I have admired your F-Key page since I joined ADH HH. It is an honor to display this! Brenda

My 15'th Award

Recieved on 6-16-99

I looked at your site in depth and I am very impressed with the whole thing, and would you please accept this award from me to you, you have done a splendid job. You are one very talented lady.

Thank you so much Sandy, for you have honored me by this, and I am grateful. I am looking forward to our friendship through both groups.

My 16'th Award

Recieved on 6-16-99

What a nice surprise from you,
thank you so much Don!

My 17'th Award

Recieved on 6-17-99

Thank you so much Heather. It is a beautiful award and I am proud to display it!

My 18'th Award

Recieved on 6-30-99

Thank you so much Sheila!

My 19'th Award

Recieved on 6-30-99

Thank you so much Grace!

My 20'th Award

Recieved on 7-1-99

Thank you Lady Archer
I'm sorry but I lost
this award!

My 21'th Award

Recieved on 7-5-99

Thank you Velma, my net daughter! I love you kid!

My 22'nd Award

Recieved on 7-6-99

Thank you Sandy. Yes I do love the critters. I am grateful for this award. You mean alot to me!

My 23'nd Award

Recieved on 7-7-99

Thank you so much for this nice surprise Mel. I just love frogs.

My 24'th Award

Recieved on 7-8-99

Thank you Nikki, this was a nice surprise!

My 25'th Award

Recieved on 7-8-99

Thank you Amanda, my loving daughter.
What a special Award!

My 26'th Award

Recieved on 7-19-99

Thank you Michael, my German friend.
What a SPECIAL surprise this was. I am honored!

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