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My Awards

Song playing is One Man's Dream by Yanni

My 1'st Award
Recieved on 4-12-99
This award is very special to me
not only is it my first award
but it was for my mom's page

Hi Brenda, Your tribute to your mother really touched my heart...she sounded like a trully beautiful woman *S*....I would like you to have this award for her page.
Hi Moxnix, thank you so much for this touching award. Brenda

My 2'nd Award
Recieved on 4-20-99

Dear Brenda: I only give my awards out if I am impressed with someone's site and much work they have put into it. I have one for regular sites, one for gif sites and one like yours, where Webtv users of all ages can benefit from! Dear Lady Oh: Thank you so very much, please know I am proud of this.

My 3'rd Award
Recieved on 5-12-99

Hi Brenda...*S* I was just viewing your homepage again...and well...I would like to give you this award..*S*..I think you've done a fine job on your site..and all your hard work should not go unrewarded..I'd be honored if you'd accept it..*S*
Moxnix, Thank you again for honoring me a second time, I am proud that you think I deserve this. Brenda

My 4'th Award

Recieved on 5-15-99

I loved your work. Brenda, would you do me the honor of accepting my award?
Linda, I am honored to accept this award from you. Thank you so much, your friend, Brenda

My 5'th Award

Recieved on 5-19-99

I enjoyed my visit to you site very much, and liked what I saw. So I'm sending you my award. Marge
Marge, thank you so much, it is an honor to recieve your award, Brenda

My 6'th Award

Recieved on May 23

Good evening, Brenda. I visited your pages and enjoyed my visit very much. I would be honored if you would accept the "Bubba's Seal of Approval Award".
Well now I sure do thank you Bubba, it is an honor to me to have this on my award page. Thanks again, Brenda

My 7'th Award

Recieved on 5-27-99

I've been waiting a long time to give this award to you.Thanks to Patrice and her husband made it possible. I found your site very inspirational and your Mom's site was beautiful. So at this time, I would love to present you with my award.
Thank you so much my dear friend, we have been through thick and thin here on this webtv and I am honored to have this from you, Love Brenda

My 8'th Award

Recieved on 5-30-99

I've finally decided to make me an award. Yes, It's simple, but it shows that I think your site deserves an award. Velma

Velma, I thank you so much. Your so young but you know so much. I am proud of this award from you! Brenda

My 9'th Award

Recieved on 5-31-99
Happy Memorial Day

Thank you so much Jadee, this is truly a beautiful award and I display it with pride!

Recieved on 5-31-99
Happy Memorial Day
My 10'th Award

Thank you Seattlemom, this touched me and thank you for the cardinal also!

Recieved on 6-1-99
My 11'th Award

Thank you Ben-Ben, I would never turn one away from you. I'm greedy!

Recieved on 6-8-99
My 12'th Award

Thank you Patrice, it is an honor!

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