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A friend of mine shared a story their Grandfather told them, as they were sitting on the shore of a calm lake.
He said to throw a pebble in the water.
This was done, which caused ripples to begin moving outward.
He said to imagine that we are the stone, and that everything we do... causes ripples in the world around us.
He said, this makes us responsible for the effects of our actions: both good and bad.

A teacher of mine told me, that everything we do effects everything around us. If we break a twig, then that twig will never be the same again, no matter how we may try.
If we do intentional harmful things, then harmful things will return to us. If we do intentional good things, then good things will return to us.
The greatest riches I think we possess... is not in the amount of coin we may have access to, or own.
I do not think it is in the amount of power over people, places, things & situations...
but rather in those things which we give of ourselves.
When was the last time you gave a poor person, a warm meal & a safe place to sleep?
When was the last time you gave clothing or shoes to someone in need?
When was the last time you prayed...
and not from your mouth and brain...
but from your heart and spirit?

Must it take a tragedy or a disaster, for you to "allow yourself" to touch another with kindness, from your heart?
Or are you the type of person that is greedy & self-centered... seeing only your own personal needs and wants?
I have seen many people silently give of their own time, because it was something that needed doing; but no-one else would help.

A family needs to work together, working towards the same goals, united in single purpose!
Someone once said, "There are many paths, but only one Truth."
How true.
How very, very true!

Political situations can either unify, or divide... the choice is yours... be it your own personal family, Clan, Tribe, Nation, or Worldwide.
LOVE is a force that transends societies written laws & statutes, for Love (real LOVE) is a Law unto itself!
It exists in our hearts, and not just for a select few... but for ALL that IS, and WAS, and WILL BE.
LOVE forgives.
LOVE understands.
LOVE is compassion in the midst of adversity.
LOVE shows its true nature, in the hardest of times...
and gives hope to those who need hope...
giving strength & comfort, when it is needed...
sharing tenderness, in the midst of hurt & sorrow.
LOVE is NOT just seasonal...
for it must exist and thrive in our hearts and lives every day...
IF we wish to have LOVE in our lives... every day!
It is sad that it shows itself so little, in the everyday societies of the world.
LOVE is a power that cannot be stopped, or turned off...
just ask any real parent, and they'll tell you!

When was that last time you told someone you Loved them?
When was the last time you showed them?
Were they a stranger, or just simply someone you felt safe with?
LOVE is unconditional, and has no strings attached.
Yes, Love can sometimes hurt...
but it can also heal, strengthen, encourage, renew, embrace, dream, believe, give hope.
LOVE is many things, but NEVER does it control, or seek to do harm...
for LOVE is kindness in action, even if only in silence.

May we All Walk in Peace, Joy, & Love, always -

Thank you for sharing this story with me Elisi Coyote

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