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My Friendship Awards

Thank you Linda for this gift.
It was my first friendship award!
I am proud of all your acomplishments,
you are one great Lady!

To my true friend!

You really know how to
make your good friend happy.
I see your sig change
and it make's me smile inside,
knowing you are very much like me.
I am so proud of you.
The work you perform for
others is from the heart.
When I first visited your pages,
the very first time,
I looked into your eyes and I new then you were special.
I didn't know we would become friends,
only that you had that certain quality in yourself,
that only another like you,
can recognize.
I saw it then and I know it now.
The price for your friendship,
is in the return of my own.
That is a price I will gladly pay,
dear Brenda!
I offer this small token as a symbol of
our friendship and by accepting,
you agree that we are real friends.
I will become your true friend.
This symbol is not an advertisement for my pages,
therefor it is not necessary to link back,
if you chose not to do so.

Your real true, good friend,

Please use the first two paragraphs
above as a quote on your page.
Others should know how your friends feel!
If you like.

Nelson, you twisted my arm on this.
So I felt obligated to display
all the kind words you spoke of me.
For you are also a kind person,
I am honored to know you
and call you my fiend!

Thank you so much,
I love you for this!

Don't forget to sign!!