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Lisle and Brenda.

Two of a kind! Another WebTV Love Connection!

By Nelson Tankus

(December 19, 1999)
[Oh, Nelson brings us a breathtaking and warm story of two people interacting through WebTV and finding love across the miles!! Be sure to stop in and visit their webpages with more on this love connection!--ck]


I first met Brenda, when I was a member of the Onelist e-mail group, WTVPals. She had a quirky humor that I found charming, yet I knew she had some troubles, like how she was being watched while she was on the net. Several times we worked on signatures together, and Brenda made me banners for a group we were in. Often Brenda couldn't talk on the net, because someone (her ex) was always watching her. Completely innocent things were being taken out of context and I could feel her tension. That is a tough way to meet and build a friendly relationship. I envied Brenda... her calm words and sweet helpfulness.

Brenda's eldest son, Jason, bought WebTV for her in December of 1998 as a Christmas present. Brenda then started to build her webpage and learned how to enjoy the Internet. Brenda once played a midi that Jason wrote as a budding rock star, and asked me to tell him to stay in school and not quit his day job. Naturally, I wrote him and told him to quit school, grow his hair long and join a rock band! LOL! Brenda somehow didn't see the humor! But she did laugh, and it is that give and take that makes Brenda so special.

Brenda met Lisle in the WTVPals group. I remember Lisle always having something intelligent to say or report on, and found him to be a joy to read. Well, apparently, Brenda found him as gentlemanly as I did, (and more so) since they started corresponding on a regular basis. Of course, this explains how I got dumped off her social calendar, in such a hurry! LOL! So really, WTVPals was the launch pad for what has turned into a great love and bonding,of two of my favorite people in the world.

Lisle works as a Personal Injury Protection Claims Adjuster for a major vehicle insurance company that has a office in Lakeland, Florida. He's an ex-Air Force man, like myself, and has a warmth and generosity that is just hard to find in a tough guy like Lisle - a tough guy with a soft heart! A guy that cares about the planet, aspires to kiss spotted owls, and hug trees! My kind of guy!

Brenda helped Lisle with information on setting up an account with Geocities so he could expand his webpage and add that feminine touch! She also helped him by making a banner to use as a link to his page from his e-mail. Brenda says that it was clear to her that Lisle had a warm and caring heart when he reached out to her in a time of pain, as she and her husband ended a bad marriage.

It was Brenda's decision to end the loveless marriage, but it was a hard thing to go through. Brenda felt blessed to have Lisle offer his friendship to help her through the hard times. They quickly found they had a lot in common, from chatting and e-mail exchanging, to phone calls of support. The phone calls grew to be an every night exchange and they grew even closer. Love happened fast...over the wires... before they ever met. Their love grew deeper after they met and now they have what best can be described as "true love." You can read more at Brenda's webpage on her Love Page. And at Lisle's Den.

Lisle's father was in the Air Force, so they moved a lot! There was Alaska, then on to Georgia, then Arkansas... and finally back to Lompoc, California, where his father retired. That is where he graduated from high school, and went to college. Lisle knew his draft number was close, so he went to all the branches of the armed forces and checked them out. He was impressed with the fact that the Air Force, for the most part, sent the officers to fight and left the enlisted folks behind! LOL! Up, up, and away, to the wild blue yonder! The Air Force is where he served, for 20 years, first as a Security Policeman for four years, and then as a Cost Analyst for the remaining 16 years. And to think, Lisle gives me grief for refueling aircraft for twenty years! After retirement, Lisle moved to Lakeland, Florida. There he sought fame and fortune, and my friend has found it, with Brenda and the beautiful family he and Brenda have built!

Lisle and Brenda would like to thank each other for all the help they received from one another! Gee, who didn't know they were going to thank each other! LOL! Brenda especially wants to give thanks to her friends, Andrew and Brenda, (for HTML help and teaching her the transloaders), and Patrice,, (for helping her with making a front page that she can be proud of). Lisle would like you to know how much he cares about the environment and his volunteer work for Greenpeace...a real cyberactivist. Wow! I must say that the two websites that Lisle and Brenda have created are terrific!

Brenda would also like to extend many thanks to Sandy for helping her learn how to use Image Magic, and Linda Anderson (another call from the Pulitzer Committee, Linda!) for all sorts of advice from group and web information, to personal matters. She especially wants to thank Linda and Nelly (hey, that's me!) for advice on not wasting precious time and going for the GOLD, (i.e. getting to know Lisle!).

Lisle and Brenda credit WebTV for being the catalyst that brought them together, that and all the great friends they have made through the WebTV family. With the joining of their two family units, and the melding of their dreams and ambitions, this pair is truly two of a kind!


[Community Editor's Notes: Oh, a match made in, I mean the Internet. Well, ok...heaven! Your pages are lovely and thank you for sharing this special commitment to each other!--ck]

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